Welcome to Norwich Deaf Youth Club!

See our events page for details on our activities June to September 2014. You can also download the events programe as a pdf from our downloads page!

Norwich Deaf Youth Club (NDYC) runs every Thursday evening at the Deaf Centre in Norwich. We have a busy schedule of events, some indoors at base and some out and about around Norfolk. Sometimes we will have quiet evening in playing pool, table tennis or some team games. Other times (especially when the weather is good!) we go out and explore - amongst the favourites are bowling and activity centres.


At NDYC we try to encourage young people to become more independent and confident by getting to know themselves better as well as mixing with other young people of a similar age. Most of our youths have a hearing loss. Some people think the word 'Deaf' is quite a strong word - here at NDYC we use it to mean any type of hearing loss - hard of hearing, severe or profound.

Many of the Leaders themselves also have and know what it is like to grow up with a hearing loss. This helps us to plan events where today's youth can enjoy activities and events as much as possible without feeling left out or isolated. We like to show that with a bit of care and thought, it is easy to bring together youths with different communication needs to enjoy activities together.

We always welcome new members. If you're aged 11-18 years old, deaf or hearing, why don't you come along and see what it's all about!